Acorn Iberian Ham

The star of the Iberian pig, comes exclusively from the hind legs of the animal. Its characteristics of taste, unctuousness, and aftertaste, make it a product with unique characteristics, a gastronomic gem appreciated worldwide.

Acorn Iberian Loin

It is the part of the pork with less fat content, the Iberian acorn loin is the definition of exquisiteness and purity of this unique breed. A unique creation that consists of a whole piece, corresponding to the lumbar muscle mass of 100% Iberian pigs.

Iberian Chorizo

Ideal for aperitifs, and enjoy in good company. From the artisan elaboration process to the ingredients that make up the seasoning, the Iberian chorizo has been elaborated with maximum respect to the raw material, conserving all its aromaticity and flavor power that characterizes the Iberian pork meat.




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Spanish Cheese

According to different studies, probably the first preserved food elaborated by the human being, tells us of its importance in our evolution. Manchego, Torta del Casar, Idiazábal … we will guide you to offer you the cheese that best suits your customers.

Olive Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fundamental product of the highly praised and healthy cuisine in the Mediterranean diet. Get in touch with us and we will help you find the one that best suits your needs.